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Paid v. Organic Social Media Marketing

paid advertising v organic posting

Is Paid Advertising on Social Media actually worth it?   Many businesses these days are looking for ways to save money or how to utilise paid advertising. And that is fair enough as long as that ends up being invested back into growing your business. Some things, however, you really should spend the money on.…

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Don’t push that boost button

boost button

It might not be in your best interests to ‘boost’ that post     Stemming from a post I wrote, I talked about how Paid Advertising works better in most cases compared to Organic Advertising. Even though both are necessary. To help, Facebook has a button under each post you make that allows you to…

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Why aren’t you following up customers using Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel

Implementing the Facebook Pixel would have to be one of the most important marketing strategies you can make. Not only Veterinary Clinics and Pet Businesses should employ this, but it’s key for any type of business. You’ve spent the money and time in getting that customer to engage with you, so why are you leaving…

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