Don’t push that boost button

It might not be in your best interests to ‘boost’ that post



Stemming from a post I wrote, I talked about how Paid Advertising works better in most cases compared to Organic Advertising. Even though both are necessary. To help, Facebook has a button under each post you make that allows you to ‘boost’ the post. So it reaches a wider range. I’m going to tell you why you should NEVER click on that button.



There’s no doubt that the idea of Paid Advertising is difficult. And using hard-earned money made from your business to fund the advertising is even harder. Therefore, you’re going to be biased into using a feature that requires little human interaction, based on the idea that the ‘computer’ is better.


There’s no doubt that one of the main income streams that Facebook has is Advertising. You’re using their service and platform to advertise your business so its only fair they take a cut. However, the Boost button is not geared to be advantageous to your specific advertising requirements.



What does the boost button do?



Using the Boost button allows Facebook to show the ad or post to people who are more inclined to engage with it. Whether that be to visit your clinic, buy a product from your business or add their details to your mailing list. It’s less work for you. However, there are pitfalls to this.


One is that you lose the ability to have full control of the people who view your ad. You’re allowing Facebook to show the ad to whom it defines as someone that will engage with it. You’re allowing software to guess who that is and in many cases – that may not be right.


Secondly, your ad placements are limited when boosting a page. This can cause your engagement rates to be lower than what can actually be achieved.


There are more reasons why you shouldn’t use the Boost button. Yes, it’s easier sometimes to click a few buttons and let the ad do its thing. But then would you do that with any other expense in your business?



What’s the best way to promote a post?



There’s a better way to promote your post or ad. That is through a feature called Ads Manager. Ads Manager allows you to show your ad to a finite set of users. More so – you have the ability to not only choose where your ad shows on their platform (such as in a users’ News Feed or on the right), you choose what device the ad appears on and on Instagram too.


So with the extra power that comes with Ads Manager comes extra responsibility. You need to ensure that with the options that are selected in Ads Manager aren’t going to have an adverse effect on your ad.


We noticed these sorts of issues coming up with various Vet/Pet businesses and this is one of the reasons why Vet Web Marketing began. We’re here to not only ensure your Social Media advertising is correct – we spend the time analysing and testing different versions of the ad. This ensures that we’re spending the least amount on the ad and getting more ROI on it.


Learning how to advertise on Facebook takes a lot of time and its hard. Don’t try and do this yourself without the proper knowledge. Contact us now to reach out.

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