Why aren’t you following up customers using Facebook Pixel?

Implementing the Facebook Pixel would have to be one of the most important marketing strategies you can make. Not only Veterinary Clinics and Pet Businesses should employ this, but it’s key for any type of business. You’ve spent the money and time in getting that customer to engage with you, so why are you leaving it there?


I heard from a good friend that it can take around 6 or 7 times of engagement with a customer before they’re ready to buy from you. Of course, there are scenarios where you may only need one or two, but as a general rule of thumb, this is key to keep in mind.


So let’s say that a potential customer has come to your site and is generally happy to see what you do, but then got distracted for whatever reason. This is prevalent in today’s society when people only hold attention to something for around 7 seconds (Yup – 7 seconds is all you got, so it better be a good impression!). So what do you do?


Enter the magic of the Facebook Pixel.



Facebook Pixel? What is that you say?


Facebook Pixel is a great tool from Facebook that allows you to track visitors to your website, and re-target them with specific ads on Facebook. It’s like creating a sense of déjà-vu for a potential customer, or remembering that thing you were going to do before reading this post. It allows a business to target customers you already know are interested in your business with advertising on the Facebook platform.


A good example of this is have you ever been to a shopping website and browsed around a few times and got bored – so you went on Facebook? Then, all you see on your feed is that same item you were just looking at? That’s the Facebook Pixel doing what its supposed to do.


When people tend to see the same thing in different places, it plays on the social bias in their brain and makes them take action towards your business subconsciously. A lot of them are using this sort of psychology today to get more sales and customers.

Done! I’m on board!


There’s no reason why Vet and Pet business shouldn’t be using Facebook Pixel. Except it can be a bit tricky to get going. You do need to understand how your website is built like a piece of coding needs to sit on every webpage. There are also further steps needed to ensure that not only the Facebook Pixel knows what the customer did on your site, but then knows what you want to do with the data. A great start would be from Facebook themselves here.


It can be an overwhelming tool to use sometimes. While this is important to incorporate in many social media advertising campaigns this is something you don’t need to worry about learning. All you need to do is reap the benefits. Here at Vet Web Marketing, we know how this magic works and know how to get it working for you. Let’s be honest here, you’re trying to run your own business and get more customers through your doors. Last thing you need to do is understand the intricacies of advertising on any social media platform.


If you want to know more how this all works, and Facebook Marketing in general – please click here and I’ll organise a Free Social Media Audit just to say thanks.

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