Who doesn't love telling someone a story

Telling your Brand Story to your audience allows people to relate to you better

The concept of telling a story is something we're all familiar with. People love telling what they got up to on the weekend, a funny memory or part of their childhood to anyone that will listen. Stories are also a great way for the mind to remember certain events or things that you need to get done.


However, Brand Storytelling has been around for longer than many people think and it's a term not many people know of. Studies show that even in non-English speaking countries, people can recall the name of Brands just based on their image. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that does not know McDonald's or Coca Cola.


Brands like these stick around for a long time because of the story behind them. People that are familiar with the history and concept of businesses can relate to them more personally, than a business that is just trying to sell. Showing the 'human' side of the business is a great form of brand storytelling. Getting your story out to the masses is a great way to get more customers to engage with you.


Letting people get a behind the scenes look of how the Veterinary works, or how the stock comes from the back of the truck to your front shelves gives people a feeling that the transparency you show means you have nothing to hide. Plus - a brand story is essential for a successful marketing plan. Customers are going to want to go to a Pizza shop that an Italian immigrant came and started from nothing, rather than a large corporation.


Without a doubt - every business needs a brand story and you can work with us on creating that story. Click below for more information on how we can make your business grow.

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