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Without a doubt, Email Marketing remains the backbone marketing technique that brings great bang for buck

At Vet Web Marketing, one of the core services we offer is Email Marketing. While social media advertising, viral and influencer campaigns are great ways to advertise your business or promote a product - what happens if Facebook disappears? What happens if Instagram is shut down instantly, never to be seen again?


Email Marketing remains a tried and true method to get customers aware of your business, with one of the lowest start-up costs. Getting any and all of your customers on some form of email list, whether that be a newsletter or marketing material - is the best backup plan you can have when it comes to Internet Marketing. Never have just all your eggs in one basket or one electronic advertising method.


For example, did you know you could import your current email list to Facebook and then target those specific customers with Ads? Did you know that you can also create and run automatic marketing campaigns depending on the action the reader does with (or doesn't) with your email and react accordingly? Can't do that with an influencer or Instagram marketing.


Plus, the best thing about this form of marketing is the copy you can use. You're basically able to write what you want and how much you want. No limits on word count or specific things you cannot include. It's like letting your kids roam free in a candy store (which don't do - trust me I've learnt from that experience).


Reach out to us below to get an idea of how starting a marketing campaign via Email can work wonders for your business.

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