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This is the best way to make sure you are following up with customers. Period.

You've spent all this time and energy on a website and you can see visitors are coming to the site. And you've got the online marketing down pat - but you're also seeing people leaving. To be honest, that's probably the last thing you want to be seeing, right?


Did you know that it takes someone multiple engagements with a business for them to become familiar with that business? Very rarely will people transact with a business on the first go. This is where Retargeting and Viral Campaigns will help you massively.


Have you ever been on a website having a browse around at their products and then you see those exact same products on Facebook? That's what retargeting is all about. It's about advertising to the customer with information about your business on other platforms, mainly Facebook. This type of advertising subconsciously affects the user to think your business is more trustworthy and keeps you in the forefront of their mind.


Viral Campaigns are great at this too. Ever seen a cute or funny cat video (I know I have) that you share? Businesses can do this too and its perfect for ramping up engagement and reach online. Best of all, anything organic is free advertising.


But you need to know what you're doing with both of these as it can be quite tricky to set up. Here at Vet Web Marketing, we know what to do. Reach out to us below.

retargeting and viral campaign

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