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Most people will only look at the first handful of results - even if the result that suits them best is on the second page

In this day and age, unfortunately, people want to get the answer to their question or solution to their problem as soon as possible with little effort. This means that most people will only scroll through the first few search results or first page on Google to get a result. This is where Search Engine Optimisation becomes so important so you're not missing out on potential new customers.


Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the practice of modifying or rewording content so Google thinks that your content or page is worth it. So worth it that it belongs on the first page of results. However, its easier said than done.


Gone are the days where you can throw in a few keywords and leave it as is. Even overstating certain keywords can hinder your results. And once your site is blacklisted by Google - good luck trying to get out!


You're better off leveraging off Vet Web Marketing's knowledge with Search Engine Optimisation so you don't need to worry about it. You'll save time and energy that can be spent on looking after the new customers that will begin to engage with you.

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