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Utilising Social Media Advertising for your business is the present and future of Marketing

How often do you walk down the street or sit at a table at a restaurant and see how many people are on their phones, sometimes totally unaware of their surroundings? People these days tend to spend more time on their phones than they realise. Most of their time, they're on Social Media and if this is a term you are not familiar with -  you are falling behind.


Since many of these social media platforms are free for users, they too make their revenue from Advertising. Advertising that is from other companies and business not their own.


Social Media Advertising allows your business to pop up in the phone of the person who nearly walked into you because they were too focused on their device. It allows you to appear on the Facebook Feed when they're on their laptop, and even appear at the start or during YouTube videos.


It's a great way to target your advertising to customers or audiences we know have a higher chance of utilising your services. It's a great way as well to hyper-target locations around you if you want to run a promotion within a few minutes. Try doing that with a Newspaper Ad or a coupon printed on the back of a receipt (which, to be honest, I don't bother looking at).


Every business should be using Social Media Advertising and your business is no exception to this rule. Contact us below at Vet Web Marketing to get more information on how Social Media Advertising can grow your business exponentially.

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